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Brian Verigin ViSalusUPDATE: I am no longer with ViSalus. ViSalus has treated me well but changes have occurred and we must adjust and change with the times. If you are interested in seeing what I am now doing check out this link …

I would like to welcome you to My ViSalus site. My guess is you are here because you are wanting to learn more about ViSalus. You may be just exploring …  to learn more about the ViSalus products or taking it a step further and becoming a Promoter or Distributor with the opportunity to earn some income.

I have been with ViSalus since October of 2011 and it literally has changed my life. Honestly, when I first started I did not have the belief I have now. ViSalus is more than just a direct selling company. ViSalus has paved the path for Life, Health and Prosperity. ViSalus does not have to prove anything to anyone … the product and the system work. ViSalus is not a startup company but a well established movement that is dominating the direct selling industry.

On the personal level I have learned a great deal about myself from my team and especially from the co-founders … Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen and Ryan Blair. The 3 guys are just electric and their innovation is at the forefront of the industry. I have learned to become a leader and not a follower. When you have a strong belief in something there is nothing that is going to get in your way of succeeding.

Speaking for the product my health has drastically improved. I have a totally improved outlook on life and I love to spread this to others. I know now how good the feeling is and I do not want to go back. I attribute this to the culture of ViSalus. When you have the proper nutrition and couple it with incredible leaders the sky is the limit.

This is more than just the product … the money … it is LIFE! ~Brian Verigin

If you are interested in learning more please look though the site. Somewhere on the page there is an optin form and if you want to learn more, please complete the form and I will personally contact you.

To Your Success,

Brian Verigin